Potato Value Chain

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PAWDEP in partnership with Oikocredit has launched financial services in Value Chain Finance focusing on potato sub-sector. This sector has promoted PAWDEP products and has intensively created room for farmers who are focused on entrepreneurship.

PAWDEP is facilitating potato farmers, traders, processors, and marketers who are new or existing clients in production of this precious food crop from planting to its consumers.

A value chain comprises of chain actors (involved in formation, transformation and distribution of the product) and service providers and supporters who facilitate the chain. Major value chain activities include production, processing and marketing.

The potato value chain comprises of the following:

Input suppliers
Farmers (approx. 500,000 small scale)
Farm brokers
Wholesale markets
Market brokers
Retailers (Traders, supermarkets, etc)
Processors (Chips and Crisp makers)
Consumers (Households and Institutions)
Key Benefits Eligibility
Improved quality of inputs used
All women with a common agricultural activity
Higher yields

A member of a solidarity group with 5-40 members

A better quality of the product
Ready to guarantee others for loans and vice versa
Improved earnings for all
Over 18 years of age
Must have available land