Mrs Watetu


Mrs Watetu is a member of Ndumberi Women Group. She has been a member since the group inception in PAWDEP. She started by saving two hundred shillings which a compulsory group was saving amount.

She was committed to the group since she hoped that PAWDEP will help her future dreams of owning rental houses. She started by taking small loans from the group to solve her basic needs. This was the motivation for short term because she was in a position to pay school fees for her children and improve the living standards of her house hold.

She applied for her first loan from PAWDEP to start her project. She repaid and graduated to a higher loan. After repaying well and having a stable building project, she was promoted by PAWDEP officials to an individual client. This was due to her project proposal and the amount she was requesting was beyond a group member limit.

She accessed the loan of 3 million and was able to finish her rental residential project. She repaid the loan and currently she is a mentor to many women who have dreams among PAWDEP groups.

She encouraged women in her area to join PAWDEP registered groups in order to access loans and improve the living standards.