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Haraka Loans

Haraka is a loan facility available to solidarity women groups to cover emergency situations in business like unforeseen opportunities or unforeseen challenges. The loan is processed in less than 3 hours after application.

Loan Features
  • Lending to solidarity women groups   
  • Unforeseen business challenges loan   
  • Loan amount flexible and from any amount   
  • Repayment period is monthly   
  • Monthly meetings

  • Members of a solidarity group
  • Ready to guarantee others for loans and vice versa
  • Over 18 years of age

  • Accessible to all women members of a solidarity group
  • Group guaranteed
  • Disbursed on the same day of application (less than 3 hours after application)
  • Arrest all business challenges
  • Manage all business opportunities
  • More loans accessible every month
  • Opportunity for business training

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